Aheel Glasses

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AHEEL Glasses
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Aheel Glasses

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$ 249.00 USD

Real-time metrics on your eyewear

Stay aware of your performance indicators by having it on maximum proximity. Right in front of you.

Customisable metrics

Choose what data you want to be displayed from your smartphone, sport belt or smart watch.

Training awareness and safety

Keep track of your physical condition and your effort output without distracting your eyes from the road.

Performance optimisation

Follow your real-time displayed data, stay motivated and keep track of your results while training.

High-quality technology

Get your data using high-quality technology. 8h of continuous usage, dust and sweat resistance in one lightweight eyewear.

Package includes:

  • AHEEL Glasses
  • Charging cable x 1
  • Carrying case & cleaning cloth
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Care Instructions:

1. Run your AHEEL Glasses under clean water to remove dust or any dirt particles that may scratch the lenses

2. Wipe your lenses gently with a microfiber cloth to remove large water droplets.

3. Use a cleaning solution and spray the lenses or use lotion-free cleaning soap.

4. Use your cloth to rub both sides of the lenses. If you are using soap, rinse it before rubbing the lenses.